Mission Statement

​To enhance the educational experience and quality of life for all undergraduates at The University of Western Ontario

​To accomplish this mission, the USC functions in three main ways:

As an advocacy group

Student council members advocate to the university administration, local groups, political bodies (on all levels of Canadian government) and police to get the best deal for students and make sure their voice is being heard).

As a student leadershop developer:

The USC offers hundreds of paid and volunteer positions for students at Western. These can include internships with business managers, working closely with the student executive and volunteering on one of the many programming or service files. The core of the USC will always be student leadership and decision-making.

As a service provider

The USC maintains a variety of commercial operations to provide quality service to students. This includes two campus restaurants, a movie theatre, a clothing store, a bike shop, a printing shop and more. The USC also facilitates the student health, dental and bus pass plans. These initiatives, combined with the many events (such as concerts, speakers and festivals) make up most of the organization’s budget.

2017 – 2018 Student Executives

The face of the USC is your Student Executive. The Presidential Slate (President and Vice President) are elected each February by you to serve the needs of all undergraduate students at Western. In March, your Student Programs Officer is elected by council to supervise and support the students that run various programs under the USC. The only hired positions on the student executive are the Secretary-Treasurer and Communications Officer; each of them works closely with the other members of the executive to fulfill the goals of the USC, while continuing to supervise their own specific portfolios. Each of these former Mustangs serves a 13 month term in office from May to the following June, with May acting as a transitional month for the incoming Executive.

The Student Executive is here to serve you and bring your concerns and ideas to the forefront of the university discussion. There is no question too small or issue too great, so if you’d like to chat or learn a little more about what the Student Executive does, please contact them to make an appointment or stop by during their community open office hours


Tobi Solebo


Your USC President is the spokesperson for the Western undergraduate student body. They consistently work to provide a more accessible, diverse, and enjoyable student experience for those attending Western and provide support to the other members of the Student Executive.



Jana Cernavskis

Communications Officer

In the growing digital world we live in, the Communications Officer ensures that the USC’s message and initiatives are being heard loud and clear by all students on campus. They coordinate important public relations campaigns, interviews, and off-campus media coverage so that you’re always in the know about what’s going on at Western.


Landon Talk

Vice President

First and foremost, your Vice President is here to advocate for you. They build relationships with those in the Western and London community in order to successfully communicate your concerns and ideas both on and off campus. They also work alongside the President to provide support and ensure a cohesive message.


Mac McIntosh

Student Programs

The Student Programs Officer is responsible for managing all of the student-run services and programs that contribute to your Western experience. They are your resource for all things student engagement as they work to support and inspire all students taking on their own leadership positions in the community.Include a short bio with an interesting fact about the person.


Erin McCauley


The Secretary Treasurer is here to demystify the financial and corporate world of the USC and make sure you’re well informed about the decisions being made. Their number one goal is transparency and they are constantly working to ensure all members of your Students’ Council are acting in line with the USC’s policies to serve the student population.